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Break All The Cold-Cut Sandwich Rules!

Who needs bread?!? when you can wrap your Cold-cut or juicy burger in fresh crispy lettuce leaves?! Once all of the elements are stacked up (in order on fresh crisp lettuce/romaine leaves: meat, cheese, lettuce, onion, bacon), douse it with olive oil and spicy brown mustard, ....and then, the key move, a few pinches of red pepper flakes. Takes it to the next level!

A hero, a hoagie, a grinder, a sub. You can call it what you want. Some might call this a hot mess. We prefer to think of it as ​"Whatever It takes" make it work! For a Low​-​Carb or Carb-free experience, try replacing the basic sub roll/bread with fresh lettuce.

Raise your hand if you feel as though you're constantly bombarded with quick fix articles, unrealistic expectations for losing the weight and keeping it off. I've been on every diet known to womankind and none of them work

​ed long term. ​Within six months to a year of starting my diet, my weight would creep back up to my heaviest.

Finding balance in the midst of it all: I looked at every diet plan I’d ever been on and came up with a lifestyle plan that would that fit my daily routine and give me long-term results. Because at the end of every diet, you’ve got to get back to real life. If I were to sum it all up, it really is all about finding what works for you – one plan is not going to work for everyone.

For example, in terms of nutrition – one should think in terms of “portion control” instead of the typical and popular “diet”. This allows for more realistic goals as increase success in long term maintenance.

Bottom line: Take control of your health and fitness, making all-encompassing wellness an everyday part of your life. I found that for me, researching foods that would fuel my body and creating a realistic and consistent gym schedule were the keys to my success. —And the journey continues.

The key is not deprivation; but rather, finding what works for you – your lifestyle – to maximize your results. It's all about B A L A N C E.

So, every now and then EAT The Darn Bread!

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