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How do you like your steak cooked?

I like Medium Rare. Slightly burnt/crusty on the outside with a touch of pink in the middle! —Perfect combination of juiciness, heat, and crusty texture. Weigh-in below: 


Medium Rare Medium Medium Well Well Done Burnt to a crisp 

Bty, I've been eyeing the monster bone- in Tomahawk Steak. USDA Grade “Prime” Richly marbled, full ribeye steak attached to a long, exposed bone. I've seen them in Sam's club $30-$40. Just a beautiful piece of beef. Crowned the "King of Steaks! And I want one.  

TOMAHAWK-STEAK: So, how does one grill up this Flintstone-inspired behemoth?!?!? 

The well known ad slogan for The National Enquirer supermarket tabloid – “ Enquiring minds want to know”  

Bon Appétit  

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