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Have you lost weight? Are you are afraid to get rid of the bigger clothes? Why?

I totally support holding on to a few pieces 'larger' in my case 5x clothes. ... to see how far I had come since I started my weight loss. I still have this 5x vest hanging in my closet.

For most of us. Every single piece of clothing in our closet signified something to Us. Trust me, I get it.

This size 5x vest conjured up different emotions and brought me back to just how far I've come since I started my journey and a little despair - I guess you could call it a bittersweet moment down memory lane?

The picture was taken during grandparents day celebration. I don't know about y'all. But, ALL events were overshadowed with the struggle to find something that'll fit and that thought was always front and center. I'm just keeping it Real. When you don’t have clothes that fit you, you feel awful about yourself. Plain and simple. When every single piece of clothing you own is too tight, too constricting, or doesn’t fit now, you’ll feel horrible about your body every time you get dressed.

Don't get me wrong. I did this to myself. The majority of my complications were a direct result of my struggle with weight. And I really didn’t want to talk to anybody about how I ate myself in disrepair.

Anyway, move on to the CHAIR: scanning the room for a CHAIR that looks like it could hold me. The frustration of pulling and tugging on your clothes. -And it gets worse. Trying to find something to stand next or behind to hide at least half your large frame. As a matter of fact, I can count on one hand the number of times pictures a picture taken of me where I'm ether trying to hide behind something or someone. As you can see here. I was trying to as of Me as possible behind my granddaughter.

Listen, no pity party here. Feeling only I had stuck with my "DIET". But, I would return to my bad eating habits and would gain the weight back plus more. We've all been there, right?

Here's to hanging on to a few pieces of larger size clothing. This 5x vest still hangs in my closet as a reminder of where I been and I'm sticking with the healthy lifestyle changes. I'm excited! A beautiful reminded of just how far I've come on this almost impossible "weight loss journey from the couch to the gym and everything in between."

Here's that 5x. I'm stoked! I think I'm going to keep it!

As far as hanging on to a few xxxx large clothing. I totally support holding on to a few pieces 'larger' in my case 5x clothes. - to see how far I had come since I started my weight loss.

Every day on social media I share at least one or several inspirational post of some type. That being said, weight loss is a journey. While it may seem like a constant struggle, just think about the life you gain! It's all about the process, learning, growing, sharing experiences, and enjoying the journey with others who are supportive and cheering you on, and saluting those who are down in the trenches with you, ....fighting through their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Finding BALANCE in the midst of it all. It's not about the number of followers - my hope is that a post or picture will resonate with at least one person and motivates them to keep on going… even when things feel hopeless. Any time we do something difficult and succeed, there’s a great story there. So if you have a story that influences people towards positive change, share it! We all can use a bit of encouragement now and then!!! Post away! You never know who's looking for a reason to believe that they can do it too!

We asked our readers to weigh-in on below. Y'all like that "weigh-in" 😀

Have you lost weight? Are afraid to get rid of the bigger clothes? And why?

Thank You! Here's to finding balance in the midst of it all-healthy lifestyle!

xoxo 😘

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