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Half jar of pickled beet juice. Let's experiment?

Ooooooo you're looking so tasty!  You know who ( hubby) loves this stuff. Aunt Nellie's Sliced Pickled BEETS. (No ad or commercial) 

 Here's a few of the Nutrition Facts; 4 slices per serving, 4g NetCarb, 4g Sugar, 3g Added Sugar🤷🏽‍♀️with a total of 9 serving per 16 oz Jar. 

But, y'all know me. Let's experiment 🤔 Half jar of pickled beet juice....Your girl drop in hard boiled egg, sliced bell peppers and celery. Let this concoction marinate in fridge for a few days. Prefect combination! How do you say Deliciousness in French?

- Due to the added sugar this gonna be a once in awhile #everynowandthen thang .... totally delicious tho. Once again there's that B A L A N C E - Finding balance in the midst of it all. The WeightLoss Journey.

Anywoo, checkout the new Beautiful Crown 👑 plate/platter. Another TJMAAX clearance sale find $3.

Life on a budget! Here's to happy, healthy and living your best life Now! 

Dee, My WeightLoss Journey 'From the Couch to the Gym and Everything In-between' finding balance in the midst of it all. 

I'd love for you share your delicious weird food combination in the comments section. 

#Healthy #WeightLoss #losingweight #lowcarb #addedsugar #pickledcabbage #pickledbeets #glutenfree

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