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Roasted Carrots With Onion and Celery

#inspiredbygetlostwithdeefit Eat What you love!

Roasted Carrots With Onion and Celery - Sweet and crunchy carrots are notably rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and dietary fiber.  

If you're been around this space long enough you already know I'm a Carbohydrate and Sugar counter. Yup! That's Me.

One 7" long carrot 🥕

30 Calories

7 gm Carbohydrates

2 gm Dietary Fiber

5 gm Sugar 

1 gm Protein Using a simple recipe with a combination of select herbs; (whatever herbs on hand) sprinkle of brown sugar (caramelization) and a pat of butter (richness). Wrapped a half-size baking sheet in foil for easy clean-up. Bake @ 350 for 10-20 minutes or until desired doneness. The baking time, depending on your oven & carrot thickness.

So easy and delicious! Tip: Foil for parchment paper. With or without oiling it, it's really up to you.

BTW--I found this to be a great way to use up extra baby carrots. Roasted carrots/veggies the delicious foundation for any soup!

Bon Appétit 

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