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What's Your Story?

What's Your Story? I don’t know about you but I am inspired by people around me. I just love reading or listening to people’s stories about how they dealt with certain setbacks in their life. Sharing your story is beneficial to both yourself and Others. 

I was soooo hesitant at first about sharing the personal details of my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes, the fear of rejection or potential humiliation caused me to be ashamed of being open and honest about my weight loss journey as well. 

Well, I'm on the other side of Fear. Any time we do something difficult and succeed, there is a great story there. Your personal story of remarkable strength and resilience will influence many people towards positive life changes, so share it!.  

I'm always excited when WeightLoss Wednesday or Transformation Tuesday rolls around. Who am I kidding, nothing inspires me more than reading and sharing amazing weight loss journeys of real, everyday women who took control of their health & wellness. Most important of these journeys is the one of Self-Discovery! Too often, we neglect what we need the most in order to be happy and healthy. It’s important to cut out the things that weigh us down and add the things that lift us up – that motivate us! 

So why wait until Transformation Day to share inspiration? I absolutely love ANY opportunity to share my thoughts on the Good, Bad and Ugly of weight loss, in hopes to inspire others to start their own battle to becoming the best version of themselves.  

What's Your Story?

Okay, I'll go first, but I a suspect y'all already know my story; former couch potato who once tipped the scale over 300lbs, riddled with all ...okay MOST of the complications associated with obesity. Just to name a few; we’ve got type 2 diabetes, diminished quality of life, acid reflux, high blood pressure, diminished quality of life, swollen feet, lethargy, diminished quality of life, and let's not forget about all those aches/pains that seems to appear from out of the blue resulting in, you got it, diminished quality of life! The extended issues...finding clothing that fits, chairs I could fit into, traveling issues are another topic for another day.

Please believe, this ain't no pity party, I just want to share the ugly reality how years of unhealthy eating and obesity can rob you of living life to the fullest. 

Anyway, enough about Me. I'd love to hear from each and everyone of you. I’d like the comment section to be an area of positive thoughts and encouragement for others, but also for any of you to share your stories because you NEVER KNOW WHO IT MIGHT INSPIRED TO CHANGE and start their own journey to healthy living. All the best, Dee 

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