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Do you always throw away the leftover shrimp?

Do you always throw away the leftover shrimp? Reheating of shrimp can be done in many ways. Which Method do you use to reheat shrimp back to a warm delicious state? Reheating using a microwave? Using the steamer? Using an oven? Using the stove top "Skillet? I prefer cast-iron skillet - This is the best way that you can use your stove-top to reheat the shrimp. Skillet and warm melted butter never fails to bring back the sautéed shrimp to a warm delicious state. Sautéed shrimp are served shell-on so you eat with your hands. You can serve with dipping in melted butter and a splash of lemon. Messy, but It’s incredibly delicious! Which of the above methods have you tried? If you have any other method of reheating shrimp feel free to share. Note: The breaded shrimp cannot be reheated in a skillet. I'm not a fan of breaded shrimp. 🍤🍤I'm just sayin'

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