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Hot & Crispy Bacon Curls "Microwave Pork Rings"

What in the world.... Pork Rinds (Chicharrones)

Somebody, ANYBODY! Tell me something about this Hot & Crispy Bacon Curls "Microwave Pork Rings" product. I don't know much now, but I'll keep you posted.

The key to weight loss and maintenance is all about making smart choices. I'm not suggesting this snack is a smart/better choice for you, I'm just sharing that fact that I ran across this stuff. Anytime you try a new snack, pay attention to the serving size.

This 1.75 oz. bag has;

➖ 3.5 servings per bag

➖ 60 calories per serving

➖ 2g fat per serving

➖ 0.5g saturated fat per serving

➖ 10g cholesterol per serving

➖ 310g sodium per serving

➖ <1g carbohydrate per serving

➖ 10g protein per serving

The goal is to be healthier, feel better, and you might call it a sense of well-being —both emotionally and physically. It’s a lifestyle. And I know some of y'all are right there with me!. Follow my #unsponsored #getlostwithdeeproductreview on Instagram to see my own opinions on the products I have purchased, as I see it, and taste it.

PLEASE NOTE: FDA has issued final changes to update the Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods. For more information, see Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label. ; The size of the serving on the food package influences the number of calories and all the nutrient amounts listed on the top part of the label. Pay attention to the serving size, especially how many servings there are in the food package. Then ask yourself, "How many servings am I consuming"? (e.g., 1/2 serving, 1 serving, or more) In the sample label, one serving of macaroni and cheese equals one cup. If you ate the whole package, you would eat two cups. That doubles the calories and other nutrient numbers, including the %Daily Values as shown in the sample label.

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