My Story:

At my heaviest, I weighed over 350 pounds. Not sure how much over, I just stopped getting on the scale. I repeatedly gained and lost weight over the years, I experimented with weight loss programs and within six months to a year of starting a diet, I returned to my bad eating habits and gained the weight back plus more. I ate myself in disrepair, size 5X men’s T-shirts and 30-32 blouses, and 28-32 pants, my overall health wasn’t good either. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, acid reflux, high blood pressure and needed a daily water pill. I knew I needed to make a change. I was a highly successful ‘professional’ yo-yo dieter, but unsuccessful in maintaining the loss long-term.


Everyone’s journey is different - only you know when enough is enough. And I had had enough. 

The Turning Point:

I know you think the turning point would have been all that medicine I was required to take to live a functional life. Well, no, like I said I kept right on eating – my habits stayed the same. 

It took a few life altering things happen to get me motivated. (Okay, maybe more than a few things...) 


  1. Taking a business trip to Dallas and finding: 


a. The airplane seat-belt wouldn't fit around me ( I cried). 

b.  I didn't explore the city with my husband or tour the new Dallas stadium because I was limited in how far I could walk before losing all energy

2. Being a part of a family photo where I seemed to take up most of the photo ( who is that woman)

3. I had no lap, was easily winded walking up a flight of stairs - a huge problem for a realtor (no pun intended)

4. A realization of how much money I wasted paying membership dues to a gym I hadn't stepped in in two years. Talk about money down the drain --yikes!!!

5. Last but certainly not least, let's not forget all the medicine I was taking.

Fast Forward:  to July 2013, I recounted every failed weight loss attempt to see where I went wrong in maintaining the loss long-term. I realized the problem was, I never really found a regimen that really worked for me and my lifestyle. So, I buckled down and did a lot of research and dug up everything I could find on; nutrition, sugar, carbs, fats, for combination, and portion control. After a lot of trial and error, I created a meal plan that fit my lifestyle , and I knew I could maintain long term or should I say life time. 

My First Major Milestone -- was losing 20 pounds in 30 days and I haven't looked back since. I started using that gym membership and so far have lost a total of 180 pounds.


Please continue to follow my journey!